Not done yet.

Nja, jag kanske inte var redo att stänga ner mitt lilla space på internet riktigt än antar jag... 
Jag läser en träningsblogg som heter Fashionablefit, och hon skriver varje måndag en affirmation. Det är som ett mantra som man kan upprepa för sig själv för att få ett positivare tänkande. Typ haha...
Men det som hon skrev idag tycker jag var så bra! Så därför har jag citerat det här nedan:

I’m dedicated to live a healthy and active lifestyle. My way of life makes me feel at peace and home in my own body. 

So the summer is officially around the corner and more than ever I get asked by girls how to get in shape before the bikini season. How to loose that extra bit of fat on the tummy, drop a few fat percentage and get the butt looking extra perky. Now if you have followed my Fashoinablefit-blog for years you would know that I’m all about living and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle all year round. I don’t believe in quick fixes and I strictly promote that you commit to living a life that makes you feel amazing about yourself regardless of the time of the year. Not to forget the importance of also having  health and fitness goals that are not all focused on your looks. I want you to feel amazing, strong and confident inside and out. That is what I believe is a Fashionablefit Lifestyle.

Having that said, I’m also all about helping and my mission in life is to make a difference in how girls feel and look at themselves. So tell me everything you need help with and I will do my best to provide healthy sustainable tips and tricks to get you on the right track to be the happiest version of yourself. Peace & Love Hannah


Nu ska jag iväg till gymmet innan jag myser ner mig i sängen med en film och laddar inför morgondagens konsert!